These are not a ramblings of an introvert!

As is the world dominated by right handed people. The Extroverts outnumber us!

Let’s plan something. No. TPing won’t solve anything. Let’s think bigger. I’m sure, if we put our introverted minds together. We can do something weirder. Make them feel insecure. Yes! Let’s all shave our heads, and prove them that – they’re the ones who are out of fashion.

Terrible jokes aside.

fabric of society

“The fabric of society is very complex George” indeed. One must adhere to silly stuperstitions. Did I say Stuper? Superstitions. Sorry.

There is no society. We are society. It doesn’t exist beyond us. We are society, says Jiddu Krishnamurti. We just use the familiar understanding to get away from hard and layered thinking.

Let’s not go into the concept of thinking. As we introverts have plenty more head room to fill it with ideas and wisdom; extroverts turn stingy. Let’s not pin point their handicap.

Safe spaces

Introverts don’t get offended so easily. Except if you try to turn them into superficial extroverted zombies. And, we lot are terrible actors. Our lies are as transparent as a fucking Saint Gobain glass.

So, you’ve read this far. Expecting something more? Of course you are. After all you are spending your precious time, reading my blog. While you could’ve watched any shitty or maybe decent show on TV (Jio TV perhaps?).

I’m a writer coz I write. There are no better writers. Or better writing that extends beyond yours.

You use your standards to arrive at mine. -Puthumaipiththan

So, if any of them mo fos judge your work. Based on their shallow exposure. Smile them off with a gentle nudge, like Dos Equis ambassador. Meme-I-Dont-Always-Drink-Beer-Wait-Yes-I-Do-Image

Row, row, row your boat. That’s all there’s to it. Do your work. Irrespective of the ill communique. Beyond politics. Despite power & recognition.

Keep in mind. The words from Mahabaratha.

Do not lie down, defeated. Do not vanish in your misery. Make yourself famous through your own deeds. Do not be medium, inferior, or the worst. Be strong.

Sounds very much like, ‘Do not go gentle into that good night.’


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