Don’t BS a shitter, have a Beer instead!!

Yeah. This is supposed to be a private message. But, who’s going to stop you from reading ?

People don’t have people skills. Beer does. Beer is your friend. 

I’m a writer. I obsess over words. Not just words. The power. The sound. And, the energy of each. And. Every. Word.

And, ‘Beer’ is a word. That needs to be mumbled. Stretched. SHOUTED!!!!

They help me write.

bEeR this #^:$+ in mind

Beer helps me stay super sane. Relaxes the anxiety ridden spots. Limits OCDs and ADHDs.

Chug!! Em. All!!!

Sane! Better. Less weirder. When beer hits your belly.

Beer belly isn’t a fact or science. It’s a badge of honour.

Forget about the traffic. The rains. The plastic grains. And, everything else.

Have a beer.


Stay buzzed. And, let your creative thoughts flow. One by one. Bottles of beers. Turns into words and ideas. That wait to be realised.

Every word that I write. Is trying to fly off the digital screens. To be made into an ad. Web series. All thanks to the rascals who introduced me to the magic of beer.

Let me know which brew you prefer. Let’s have one as we meet.


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