What’s wrong with writing for money?

I boast myself as a writer as much as ‘Captain’ Jack Sparrow. But, what changes, when someone asks you to write, instead of the ‘inkling to write’.

“I need bricks to make clay”
-Sherlock Holmes

That’s the phrase or dialogue I used to ask for research.

I’ve been a part of organisations, where there were a clear lack of workflow. No one knew what they were doing. A few were aware that they require the money.

But, no one was concerned about the organisation. As, the CEO was just a face; behind the blacklisted CTO.

There were these two client service people. One male and another female. Seeking to have power, over responsibility.

I was fired by the female.

As, I don’t mingle well with muggles.

I have been fired thrice, as much as I remember.

And, I’ve quit more than thrice.

I boast this around, just now. Coz am a little intoxicated. Yet, capable of writing legible and cohesive phrases.

There are CEOs who have a vision. And, there are muggles who posses money. I’m not in a place to judge. But, I can’t help but observe.

Jack Of All or a King?

If someone asks the same to me, I’d say King of course. Even a layman will do the same.

But, who acts it?

I know editing.

Proof reading.

And, content as well as copy writing.

Can, I be a King of just one?

That, I like to choose and love to do?

Everything that we do, out of passion becomes a task after doing the same as a job.

Industry people refer to music notes as – that fucking note and this shitty note.

But, as a listener – we love to just listen to the tune. Obsess over it for a while. Do we have any idea of what goes behind creating it? NO!!!

Art – and its creation are different poles.

If you see beauty.

There was pain.

The pain.

Was a result of a overwhelming joy.

Here I am, not at all drunk. Yet, pretending to be. And, writing /  or just typing out words. Which, needs to be told.

There isn’t anything wrong, in doing what you love, that too – for money. It just takes patience, to get acquainted with idiocies that are abound.

Many a startups sprew themselves out of nowhere. A fewer stay. And a fewer still stay among-st them.

I don’t care about the politics and the management. I love to write. And, am getting paid for it. That’s enough. I’ll do this, until I’m fired – oh…sorry, until I’ve been let go.


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