The Myth of Love and Asperger’s

So, yeah. I still miss her. She’s one for the memoirs. But, who is she?

Does she have a name?

She has many names.

Many faces.

They are all staring at me.

As I stumble through life. Only few care enough to get acquainted. And a fewer still remain.

For, people with differences aren’t welcomed. That is, until they win the big bucks. People like Elon Musk and Jack Ma had to prove it. That, we intrinsic personalities can survive this extrinsic world. And, make some money too.

Fame is what’s everyone is after.

Why the duck do you like to be famous?

When all the heck you must be is happy.

I seek that happiness within myself. When I’m content with what I got. I like to sleep. And, in that sleep. She appears angel like.

Loving me beyond bounds.

Giving me the might of the warriors.


I’m a simple fellow.

Devoid of drama.

I’m wise enough to have had all the drama.

The pain.

The pursuit.

Et all.

But, here you are – reading my post. Hearing my pour out, after a brew or two.

Why must you read on? That’s coz these words are filled with painful truth. Those that can’t stand the pain of ink in my feeble little diary.

Hear you patient soul.

I like to be social as the lay man.

But, I can’t. And, I won’t.

I’d like to be my special little self.

The world can come to terms with me.

Else, what else?

Loneliness and want of romance in this day and age might seem silly. But, people with Asperger’s don’t have it so easy.

Can you imagine your life blind?

I am living that imagination.

Is this a plea?


Try to view the world.

From not your selfish perspective.



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