Who cares about celebs, except for nip slips!!

No one’s really great!!!

No one is really awesome!!!

Stop giving that power over them…

Fucking familiarity isn’t shit!!!

Godse is as famous as Ghandhi. 

I don’t care which one is the good one. 

Being on tv doesn’t give them an auro of greatness. 

Mia Khalifa is as famous as Teresa. 

And, there are these munchwongers opening their mouth on sensitive topic to stay on the news. 

Fucking whores…

Leaking their own private photos for creating a talk among the masses. 

Stop giving your precious time and attention to petty issues…

You are awesome!

You deserve more care than these wanna be pretentious fake people. 

Don’t waste your time!

Stop listening to the fake media. 

Media is supposed to tell the truth. 

Not sell lies. 

Who the fuck am i to say all this ?

A rebel with internet connection!!!

Embrace #truth

I can see the #matrix can’t you?

Better not open your third eye!!


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