How does it feel? To be on your own?

Tinder. OkCupid. Twoo. Meetup. There are more such dating apps. Tried them all. But, do they deliver?

When all you need is a real friend. Facebook comes along and chugs your time. Giving you suggestions on who you might know. What can you do? You give them a request. Wait sometime for them to accept or ignore it. How do you move further?

This article – flat out in’t going to sell anything. No. Not even review one app over the other. Rather, let’s debate if all the social media has brought us together.

Knowing someone beyond the artificial camouflage of corporate and social persona. Can one really understand the desires and dreams of another.

Don’t you even try?
I have been a loner. All my life.
i have tried yes

Multiple times. To mingle. To be part of a group.
But, legend has it – I’m not so social.


I’m wired different.

Asperger’s isn’t something you age out of.

Where do I seek a safe place then?

Books. Movies. And Music.

Whenever I feel the tinge of love.

I play

The song has a soothing tone to it.

calming my nerves down.

Like someone’s caring enough to ask me…

How do you feel??

How do you feel???? To be on your own??

Like a rolling Stone!!!!


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