More drama of an aspie

In an attempt to open up myself further. I confess. Haven’t had a girl friend in a long while. Strictly due to my social awkwardness.

It’s easy for me to get used to my idiosyncrasies. But strangers find it appalling. Once I explain my situation, some consider the authenticity of it.

Others, as afraid as I to step out of the comfortzone – judge. Ive been ostracised a many times. Purely coz of my lack of social skills.

My anxiuos self doesn’t quite perceive reality as it is.

People take the morale high ground. Can’t see the beauty in differences. One in a million can see me for who I truly am.

And, you guys can see only a thin layer of me. A very trimmed down, grammatically fixed version of me.

Everyone requires someone to bond with. If you don’t got your support system, then you’ll be struggling with loneliness.

As I do.


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