LiFE skillz

So, you think you’re done.

Ready to give up on life.

No more you say.

No more pain.

No more gloom.

It’s been rather rough.

Fuck that shit.

Fuck Pride.

Do more.

Get hit and bounce back.

Fuck people.

Fuck recognition.

Fuck society.

You are awesome as you are.

And you can be a lot more.

Believe that shit.

Rewire your brain.

Reconnect your mind with your heart.

Do what you love.

Life’s to be lived.

Not measured by accolades.

Fuck money.

Don’t chase money like it’s happiness.

Get high on positivity.

Do shit that makes people cry.

Do shit that makes people laugh and brim with jealousy.

Do a lot more that makes you wanna live.

 Shakespeare asked long’,
To be or not to be?


Be you.

& Be more.

Life is journey & not a destination.
There’s no pacing.
It ain’t no racing

Just move.

Stay and you die.

Keep moving.

Keep moving.

And, Keep moving forward.

A step is all you need.

Start with what you have.

Do what you can.

But remember – change is all you need.

Change is all there is.

Change your mind.

So that you can change the world.

Crazy enough are the one’s able enough.

Be the change.

And see the change.

Live it your way.

Make your own path.

Keep on treading.

Make room for more in your heart.

Be the change.



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