Much ado on a comment by a moral police; on a mostly fake review.

This is not a movie review, or critique.   Sprinkles of digression is mandatory to the post. Have a taste of my ADHD : )

Please stay away and don’t read beyond this point, if you’re a kid, pussy or a retard. As this is intended for mature humans, with functioning prefrontal cortex. If you’re insulted by now, it means you have a fragile ego. STAY AWAY. Or grow a pair.

I’ve been hearing rumors on how bad the film Kaatru Veliyiday is. To be frank, I was tickled by the title. Sounded like a fart joke to me.

But, this post is beyond that. I adore that audiences voice their opinion about the movies. I feel a sense of bliss when they demystify the screen heroes; which is selective, and there’s a long way to go. Yet, the point here I want to discuss is the reasoning that they can come up with.

The general screen staring populace can’t really see the exact failures in the techniques of storytelling. Thus, they beat around the bush. “It’s bad, it’s really bad.” But why?

Because they couldn’t connect with the story. As an audience you can share your experience of the movie. But don’t kid yourself by thinking you opinion will change an iota of the filmmakers perspective. They take this rare opportunity of a well-known filmmaker’s decline to teach him the ingredients of a good film. More than that, they preach on what effects such film will have on the youth. If so, Rang De Basanti?


We have arrived at a critical junction. Here things get a little complicated. The peer filmmakers who darn well knows that a film sucks, will never admit it. Karthik Subburaj has said the film is good. Now, the corrupted people we are – are inclined to think: “is he telling the truth, backing up his idol, or is he simply grabbing an opportunity to create a discussion.”

Whatever the case, it’s futile. For, the film is made, released and not well received.

Now, let’s discuss the mundane logic of why the audience hate the film. One guy uses Kaarthik’s post to share his caring voice on the future spoilable youth. His opinion is that by seeing characters in a living together relationship, the fad can catch on. He even further goes on to demoralize such behavior even in screens, saying it’s wrong. He is wrong on naming it wrong, as the govt thinks otherwise.

Premarital sex and failure in the relationship after pregnancy are criticized by this moral police. I just couldn’t help but wonder, why he didn’t say anything about the women in such relationships. Was she raped? No. Then what the heck is your business if they have sex on the rooftop or the balcony?

A piece of my mind to such moral polices, lining up for jobs in RSS:

“Men and women can and will have sexual relations irrespective of your unfaithful religious load of crap. Sex is a biological need, it goes beyond logic and immature laws. It’s just fucking overrated as Maddona’s sagging tits. “



He simply states it’s wrong, and even further goes on to say that “cinema is a pure art that can reach the masses. If one can’t make good movies one has to stop.”  What a load of bull. A filmmaker will shoot, edit and create whatever he sees fit. If you can’t wrap your head around it, don’t buy the darn ticket.



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