Death Is My Friend

Death isn’t something you must be afraid of. You just need to be mindful. Take a breath, try and focus on your present. The now – is more powerful than all the past and the future. Take some time off and read the following true tale.

scary movies.jpg

When I was a wee kid of 7-8 . My brother’s stupid friend was playing with a big stone in the school premises. He slipped the stone over my head, and I got stitched up Dr. Attul Tigga, for the first time. Next, I will come with a cut-up knee to him.

Moving forward, a windy day.

I was 10-12, my family and I was gathered in the rarity of Palar river. I wanted to feel the flow of water, she liked me so much she carried with her sweet hands of nature. A stranger rescued me, I remember the words – the cheap, sleazy words I could muster up – ‘thanks na’. That’s all I could think of, will it ever be enough?

Then, I grew old.

When school’s out, I was too. Out of my mind, with butterflies in my tummy over a girl. The old tale of rejection, I cut up my arm and my blood was kind enough to stop mid-way and clot. Depression and anti-depressants came together and danced away from me, in the laziest manner you could imagine.

The Apollo affair

I dropped out of college. Got into another. Had some fun with movies and friends, one movie was so darn ridiculously disturbing it gave me (along with bad food and heavy travel) typhoid. Soon after, I was diagnosed with viral fever, it must’ve liked me so much – it grew into Jaundice.

I never liked hospitals, the smell of medicine and the lazy murmurs. But this time around, I had to be admitted. My body fought with the infection and I came around pretty quickly. I still remember the Billa named cute nurse. And the flirty Keralite, poking me for a smile or a word.

Why am I writing all this?

Recently a bad driver could’ve ended my life. I evaded death once more, on road especially. Doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, you also need luck and vigilance.

“ If you live your life like there’s no tomorrow – one day you will be right. “

They could be right. Yet, the opposite is crippling. That’s the reason I hate every religion, their take on death is so primitive. I am aware of his existence, yet not afraid. Is he wearing a black cape? I’m too busy with my life to notice that.

It’s a battery.

I have this theory of life as a 9 V battery, since childhood. You use it up and it dies, it doesn’t matter if it goes to the bio-degradable or non-degradable pit.

I kindly ask you to rejoice in your beliefs, yet have the courage to think-over the alternatives.

                “ The thing that we call ‘life’, is made up by people no smarter than us. “

-Steve Jobs


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