Carpe diem a.k.a the virtue of ignorance

We prepare for examinations. Meetings. Proposals. Confrontations.

When do we ever prepare for life?

We must. We must stop and think. Every so often things move ahead of us. We get caught between action and inaction.

Reminisce, all that is pure in your heart are memories. Not worries. Take pleasure in nostalgic thoughts. Remember what brought you joy. It wasn’t your new smartphone or smart TV. Heck you weren’t smart when you were happy. You were silly as a goose. To actually laugh out loud. Not be bound by the 4G and wifi signals.

We used to eat as a large group. Once a kaka stole away my egg yolk as I flaunted it to my friends. Thats real. I kalachified a kid who wanted to exchange Pokemon cards. These are very real and humane moments.

While I was a kid. I mistook laughter for popularity. So, I ended up being the class clown. I loved each and every laugh that I scored. Even at my expense.

Stop thinking of your future. Anticipation is the root of all evil. It’s just your overworked imagination. Put that to rest. Hangout with your friends face to face this Diwali. Forget all your worries and mistakes. Don’t measure your place in life. He who’s your age, never got to live your life. He never will…

Only you must be part of your whole life, till your last breath. Learn to love your boons and banes. Make yourself a good friend to hangout , even with yourself.

Don’t take life too seriously.

This is not me being preachy. This is a pouring out after learning a kid appeared for exams, the very next day after she lost her mother. This is how illusory we live. We feel exams are important. Marks. Why?

Because good grades mean good money. Good money means good life? Says who ?

Today, there was a slight misunderstanding in work. I thought I must hug and apologise to smoothen things up. Ego didn’t let me. But he hugged me, apologized. This is life. If we think kind thoughts. We get kind response.


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