Ode to happie living

​Learning to live without buying non essential stuff isn’t so hard. It’s fine to stay at your comfort zone. Meals to fill your belly. Tv to drool on. And a decent job that doesn’t kill you soon. 
This is a limited life. I want that. I’ll have my adventures on books and movies.
Can I be alone? No. I need someone who’s vices correlate with mine and are as wise as I pretend to be. 
Should we have kids, marriage etc. Let’s talk about it. 
Why couldn’t we visit a orphanage. Pick a kid who’s as crazy as we are. Grow him up to be as wild as we’d like ourselves to be. 
Maybe he’ll teach us how to pee one day. That’s life well lived. To have someone teach you the things you taught em. 
Marriage and other luxuries are fading traditions that bore the life out of me. Is it just a licence to have sex? Aren’t people having sex out of marriages?
All this hippie talk makes you angry right?
It must. Because you’re conditioned to be a key element of this cyclical ancient society. Any thought that seems out of place from your understanding of life is going to sound weird, crazy and out of whack. 
That’s exactly how I feel about the so called norms of society. No I don’t want to rebel. I want to exist as I like to. Not on some preconceived way of life. I’d like to be a part of the society. Just as a devoted consumer. I need bread and everything else the normal humans consume.

But, I don’t have to be accepted by the ridiculous apes who wear clothes to make a statement. I wear for comfort. I wear my heart as a pride. I live as I yearn to live. 
What does it boil down to?
Life is to be savoured. Like a cream pie. Not run like a zillion mile long race.


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