The Booze train…

Time’s been flowing like a speedwagon, booze and fags help a lot. There’s little time for retrospection, that’s what I like to a point. To a point where, there’s no higher one can get. The following days are a wreck of a breakdown, steeping low and roaming the streets with none to accompany. This is what it has come to. In the past few days I must’ve acquainted atleast a fifty people, still I feel lonely as fuck. I missed most of the opportunity to patch up with her. Tried to dive ahead with dewy eyes. No, I’m an anologue clock with my seconds ‘mull’ broken away.

All the rejections I’ve faced some up to nothing, as I recollect the fewer no’s I enforced on some. My damn standards are high. Peers none to coach me through the dating game. I just feel like she could still be there for me, but is she? It doesn’t matter, the memory is fresh – of her innocent smile smurking the bejuses outta me.

Wanting to hold someone tight at this day and age isn’t so antisocial. I just lack the proper way to ease into someone’s heart. Or maybe due to the odd choices of jobs, I’m still longing for my companion. Where ever you are, be assured I’m looking for you. I even met you once somewhere or maybe not – I’d still say that I’ve seen you somewhere; coz you’ve been in my dreams for years now. Cheerios muchochos, never  back down.


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