Ripple in the stream

Days passed with its highs and lows. Chaos returned and wreaked havoc. Retreating to the palace of solitude, I found peace again; little did I know of the oncoming storm.

A storm of emotions, leading to the feelings of my muse.

Riding to meet her, with ear-worms of Requiem For a Dream and Ilayaraja tunes, anxiety was nowhere to be seen. Enquirers were made, but to no vain. I couldn’t enter her 9-5 fortress – she was safe with the rumor churning guards. Still, she has to flee back to her abode. So, I waited ever so patiently. Staring eyes informed me that I’m not welcome. But, I held my ground. I was keen on the roads, calling up my friends I bided my time; still not a sight!

A friend to the rescue. Pal came to offer company, after some snacks and scenery in the drizzle filled greenery, peace. Words of wisdom thrown back and forth. Moments of clarity flashed hither and tither.

All is not lost!

I flew to her house, there she wasn’t. I was a fool to pursue the shadows of my gut. Almost I did give up, until I saw her while riding back. An inkling of her. Did she notice me? No, I’m not at all sure. But, my efforts paid off. Her image is re-etched in my memories. She lives in my heart! That’s all I could ever ask for.

My castle is not so white. We live in a dream, that’s built in happy memories, filled with sweet melodies. All too bright, yet pleasant to the sight. She is the jewel that lights it up. Soon words of imagination shall birth actions that is pure, just like yours.

Don’t ever give up!


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