Notes on seclusion

I have been working on my script for some time. And, the prominent distraction was the internet. So, decided to lay off it and box myself in. Cracking a story is a pleasurable accomplishment. The pillars are laid and the structure is set, now to mull over and start the construction with brick and mortar – ah that is a tall task!

Taking some time off from writing could be addictive. After a couple of tries I entertained the thought of abandoning the whole idea and starting afresh with a collaboration. But, creative minds never think alike, and that ‘working together’ experiment never actualized.

So, back from a bout of strenuous travel. Back to the cage, to fight myself. The ring of seclusion never gets old. You create your own routine and rules that are easier to break. But, never the less you just conform to your own little illusion of reality; far distant from the masses.

This, my dear readers is the key reason why writers aren’t so good at conversing.


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