Bittu padam di, TIN a comparison

“Virginity is a topic people in India would rather not talk about and when they do it is in a derogatory tone.”

Starts off my friend Prasanna about a movie that he has enjoyed, instead of critiquing a movie for the sake of it, like BS Rangan.

He has expounded his own beliefs and appreciated Trisha Illa na Nayanthara for being in-line with his thoughts.

“It’s a timely reminder for men of this generation to accept that women do have the right to change, that they can change and they certainly have along with the times; and men bloody start to live with it.”

“The underlying message in TIN is a slap on the face of the misogynists.”

While a forward thinker thinks in these terms. Rangan however sees it as:

“An okayish sex comedy where the joke is on the hero.”

Rangan sap never appreciates the efforts of creative people. He simply is condescending. To make a mediocre movie is hard as hell, as opposed to writing it off. Thus, I expect you to fucking roar laurels for a good one.

I agree that Aadhik hasn’t pushed the A rating far enough. But, give the kid a break on his debut.

Rangan says, “I loved the character named ‘Sengal’ Psycho — a lunatic who, for no reason, goes around pelting people with bricks.” – I felt the character to be idiotic and artificially inserted. Atleast in ‘Va quarter cutting’ a similar character named Theekuchi, had a backstory and purpose.

“After all, you’ve pretty much torched Thamizh kalaacharam with your heroines — why not gross us out all the way?”
I don’t even have a proper response to the statement above. “Gross us out” seriously? Critic vaala, you’re a snob.

Back to the movie.

The bold climax was the highpoint of the movie. We, after the ‘ride’ of fun filled story witness a bold move by a debutante Aadhik. Shankar didn’t dare, the ‘prostitute’ scene in Boys was pretty much a joke. S.J. Suryah, who’s known to make such movies hasn’t used a pachaa dialogue as:

“Nee matter panni irukkiya?”

In closing, efforts like TIN needs to be appreciated and welcomed. If you are a writer or a reviewer of movies in any medium, think for more than few seconds before updating your status to: ‘1st half okay, second half mokka’. 
For, cinema is a livelihood for many and a burning passion for surviving artists.

However, if you witness a nightmare like 144, kindly set the director on fire. While auteurs yearn to make a movie, he has made shit.


2 thoughts on “Bittu padam di, TIN a comparison”

  1. Good point about rangan being condescending, I have felt that he often comes across as a pompous chap who is trying hard to become the roger ebert of Indian cinema, he comes across as the Gordon Ramsey of movie critics with the vitriolic comments in some of his reviews. Very nice blog


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