Mazhalai kadhal

Listen, she was young and beautiful; I was young and stupid. And, this is my love story.

Everyday I wanted a glimpse of her. The slightest notion of her made me happy. That was enough. Until I was cast out. I decided to quit. She wanted to help. But, I was helpless. I couldn’t save myself from the idiocy. I got away from her. Started life anew. Tried to keep in touch with her. Still, I was immature. I wanted her by my side. I wanted her on my shoulder. I wanted her thoughts to comfort me. But, alas she was a fleeting kite in the storm of time. I – a spectator.

Now, the longing for her hasn’t diminished. I wouldn’t lie that I tried to replace her. But, those who auditioned didn’t even last two dates. She’s not my measuring scale. Rather a dream. I confess that, when I see her again, the world won’t be the same. For, she is tatooted in my mind and I heed to the thoughts of her everyday. Through your image you shalt guide me through the voyage of life. I shant blame you, for the mistakes I wantonly made. I am what I am, until you say otherwise.

I can’t bring myself to curse you. Enjoy, thy time. My dear, if you shant have me, have thoust please and have my praise. I can’t see you suffer, no not even in my dreams. Withered and old if you art to call upon me, I shall flee my boarding and serve you humbly. For, you art my darling; my kaviyathalaivi, en senthamarai.


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