Vanity a rarity

​No, I don’t think I’m the best. It’s just that it annoys me heavily, when people don’t pay respect to my efforts.

Say that it’s not working, I’ll agree with  you. If you provide me an interesting solution to solve it, I’ll welcome with open arms. Instead, if you proceed to rewrite or edit my words without my consent, but a vehemence of self righteousness and belittling comments, be glad that I don’t stick a knife in your throat.

I don’t question your sexual, religious or racial identity. I respect it or ignore it for pretence of being professional. You question my intelligence by questioning my material. If you make a claim, better make a viable one. Else, you’ve put blood on my hands; yours.

Mindfulness is Happiness

My previous post, which was in truth a spur of the moment Facebook wordage. I was just rubbing off of a friends post on humanity and its future. 

I try, time and again to inculcate to my dear readers – the power of now. 

Often times we’re lost in non-thought. I was the opposite, used to sit where I can and be lost light years from my body. 

Also, was I a victim to rash and unmindful behaviour. It was anxiety, mind fog & brain farts – joining hands like the avengers against my consciousness, as if it was the justice league. 

With a lot of help from family and a few friends I’m a little less depressed. Waiting to carpediem. 

But, our society and its not so kind advocates aren’t that forgetful, when it comes to a common man. The fight of a common man is almost against his fellow common men as it is against the system. As they are almost synonymous. We are not part of society, we are society says Jiddu Krishnamurti. 

Möbius strip, or the virtue of being stuck in a routine…

I failed to teach my brothers the importance of compassion.

In the course of it, I lost it.

So we do – do as I say & not as I do.

We’re doomed to life, in the prison of time.

And, here I am faking a rhyme.

Smile and bring a positive change.

Refrain pushing people to their past,

When and where is it? So estrange(d)

It’s time to live in this moment,

for it is the present,

Much ado on a comment by a moral police; on a mostly fake review.

This is not a movie review, or critique.   Sprinkles of digression is mandatory to the post. Have a taste of my ADHD : )

Please stay away and don’t read beyond this point, if you’re a kid, pussy or a retard. As this is intended for mature humans, with functioning prefrontal cortex. If you’re insulted by now, it means you have a fragile ego. STAY AWAY. Or grow a pair.

I’ve been hearing rumors on how bad the film Kaatru Veliyiday is. To be frank, I was tickled by the title. Sounded like a fart joke to me.

But, this post is beyond that. I adore that audiences voice their opinion about the movies. I feel a sense of bliss when they demystify the screen heroes; which is selective, and there’s a long way to go. Yet, the point here I want to discuss is the reasoning that they can come up with.

The general screen staring populace can’t really see the exact failures in the techniques of storytelling. Thus, they beat around the bush. “It’s bad, it’s really bad.” But why?

Because they couldn’t connect with the story. As an audience you can share your experience of the movie. But don’t kid yourself by thinking you opinion will change an iota of the filmmakers perspective. They take this rare opportunity of a well-known filmmaker’s decline to teach him the ingredients of a good film. More than that, they preach on what effects such film will have on the youth. If so, Rang De Basanti?


We have arrived at a critical junction. Here things get a little complicated. The peer filmmakers who darn well knows that a film sucks, will never admit it. Karthik Subburaj has said the film is good. Now, the corrupted people we are – are inclined to think: “is he telling the truth, backing up his idol, or is he simply grabbing an opportunity to create a discussion.”

Whatever the case, it’s futile. For, the film is made, released and not well received.

Now, let’s discuss the mundane logic of why the audience hate the film. One guy uses Kaarthik’s post to share his caring voice on the future spoilable youth. His opinion is that by seeing characters in a living together relationship, the fad can catch on. He even further goes on to demoralize such behavior even in screens, saying it’s wrong. He is wrong on naming it wrong, as the govt thinks otherwise.

Premarital sex and failure in the relationship after pregnancy are criticized by this moral police. I just couldn’t help but wonder, why he didn’t say anything about the women in such relationships. Was she raped? No. Then what the heck is your business if they have sex on the rooftop or the balcony?

A piece of my mind to such moral polices, lining up for jobs in RSS:

“Men and women can and will have sexual relations irrespective of your unfaithful religious load of crap. Sex is a biological need, it goes beyond logic and immature laws. It’s just fucking overrated as Maddona’s sagging tits. “



He simply states it’s wrong, and even further goes on to say that “cinema is a pure art that can reach the masses. If one can’t make good movies one has to stop.”  What a load of bull. A filmmaker will shoot, edit and create whatever he sees fit. If you can’t wrap your head around it, don’t buy the darn ticket.


Feynman and Ping Pong learning

Richard Feynman’s learning technique

First Step
Pick a topic and study (duh!)

Second Step
Write or speak about it as if you’re explaining it to someone.

Third Step
Repeat and simplify the language or include graphical representations.

 ‘If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.’
— Albert Einstein

The Ping Pong technique

Focused learning – active mental force to breakdown the concepts.
Diffused learning – let wander your mind and deal with concepts slowly in chunks.

To put it simply, take a break when you hit the bricks. Asimov always had more than one project at hand, if he’s stuck in one – he’d jump at the other to keep things rolling. To be stuck in a single project, or just focusing on the problem one may fail to arrive at the solution.

Death Is My Friend

Death isn’t something you must be afraid of. You just need to be mindful. Take a breath, try and focus on your present. The now – is more powerful than all the past and the future. Take some time off and read the following true tale.

scary movies.jpg

When I was a wee kid of 7-8 . My brother’s stupid friend was playing with a big stone in the school premises. He slipped the stone over my head, and I got stitched up Dr. Attul Tigga, for the first time. Next, I will come with a cut-up knee to him.

Moving forward, a windy day.

I was 10-12, my family and I was gathered in the rarity of Palar river. I wanted to feel the flow of water, she liked me so much she carried with her sweet hands of nature. A stranger rescued me, I remember the words – the cheap, sleazy words I could muster up – ‘thanks na’. That’s all I could think of, will it ever be enough?

Then, I grew old.

When school’s out, I was too. Out of my mind, with butterflies in my tummy over a girl. The old tale of rejection, I cut up my arm and my blood was kind enough to stop mid-way and clot. Depression and anti-depressants came together and danced away from me, in the laziest manner you could imagine.

The Apollo affair

I dropped out of college. Got into another. Had some fun with movies and friends, one movie was so darn ridiculously disturbing it gave me (along with bad food and heavy travel) typhoid. Soon after, I was diagnosed with viral fever, it must’ve liked me so much – it grew into Jaundice.

I never liked hospitals, the smell of medicine and the lazy murmurs. But this time around, I had to be admitted. My body fought with the infection and I came around pretty quickly. I still remember the Billa named cute nurse. And the flirty Keralite, poking me for a smile or a word.

Why am I writing all this?

Recently a bad driver could’ve ended my life. I evaded death once more, on road especially. Doesn’t matter how good of a driver you are, you also need luck and vigilance.

“ If you live your life like there’s no tomorrow – one day you will be right. “

They could be right. Yet, the opposite is crippling. That’s the reason I hate every religion, their take on death is so primitive. I am aware of his existence, yet not afraid. Is he wearing a black cape? I’m too busy with my life to notice that.

It’s a battery.

I have this theory of life as a 9 V battery, since childhood. You use it up and it dies, it doesn’t matter if it goes to the bio-degradable or non-degradable pit.

I kindly ask you to rejoice in your beliefs, yet have the courage to think-over the alternatives.

                “ The thing that we call ‘life’, is made up by people no smarter than us. “

-Steve Jobs

Carpe diem a.k.a the virtue of ignorance

We prepare for examinations. Meetings. Proposals. Confrontations.

When do we ever prepare for life?

We must. We must stop and think. Every so often things move ahead of us. We get caught between action and inaction.

Reminisce, all that is pure in your heart are memories. Not worries. Take pleasure in nostalgic thoughts. Remember what brought you joy. It wasn’t your new smartphone or smart TV. Heck you weren’t smart when you were happy. You were silly as a goose. To actually laugh out loud. Not be bound by the 4G and wifi signals.

We used to eat as a large group. Once a kaka stole away my egg yolk as I flaunted it to my friends. Thats real. I kalachified a kid who wanted to exchange Pokemon cards. These are very real and humane moments.

While I was a kid. I mistook laughter for popularity. So, I ended up being the class clown. I loved each and every laugh that I scored. Even at my expense.

Stop thinking of your future. Anticipation is the root of all evil. It’s just your overworked imagination. Put that to rest. Hangout with your friends face to face this Diwali. Forget all your worries and mistakes. Don’t measure your place in life. He who’s your age, never got to live your life. He never will…

Only you must be part of your whole life, till your last breath. Learn to love your boons and banes. Make yourself a good friend to hangout , even with yourself.

Don’t take life too seriously.

This is not me being preachy. This is a pouring out after learning a kid appeared for exams, the very next day after she lost her mother. This is how illusory we live. We feel exams are important. Marks. Why?

Because good grades mean good money. Good money means good life? Says who ?

Today, there was a slight misunderstanding in work. I thought I must hug and apologise to smoothen things up. Ego didn’t let me. But he hugged me, apologized. This is life. If we think kind thoughts. We get kind response.

When teachers become the patron…

My recent preach over FB to my highschool princy…

Teachers must learn to accept reality first!!

Talk to them about sex!!

With countless movies that encourage sex education, I think both the parents and teachers prefer not to talk about it – besides being sexually active in their private lives.

I know of a girl in my neighborhood who spoiled her life sleeping around.

If only she had proper guidance as to emotional stability, to look at sex as making love – she’d be a happy lady now.

I beg you to speak of LGBT and sexual preference and the biological need to the kids before they become sex hungry savages.

I’d accuse the yesteryear thought leaders as the criminals. As they have the responsibility to guide the future generations. Instead they preach their flawed understanding of the age old traditions. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SWATI – let that sink in!!

Ode to happie living

​Learning to live without buying non essential stuff isn’t so hard. It’s fine to stay at your comfort zone. Meals to fill your belly. Tv to drool on. And a decent job that doesn’t kill you soon. 
This is a limited life. I want that. I’ll have my adventures on books and movies.
Can I be alone? No. I need someone who’s vices correlate with mine and are as wise as I pretend to be. 
Should we have kids, marriage etc. Let’s talk about it. 
Why couldn’t we visit a orphanage. Pick a kid who’s as crazy as we are. Grow him up to be as wild as we’d like ourselves to be. 
Maybe he’ll teach us how to pee one day. That’s life well lived. To have someone teach you the things you taught em. 
Marriage and other luxuries are fading traditions that bore the life out of me. Is it just a licence to have sex? Aren’t people having sex out of marriages?
All this hippie talk makes you angry right?
It must. Because you’re conditioned to be a key element of this cyclical ancient society. Any thought that seems out of place from your understanding of life is going to sound weird, crazy and out of whack. 
That’s exactly how I feel about the so called norms of society. No I don’t want to rebel. I want to exist as I like to. Not on some preconceived way of life. I’d like to be a part of the society. Just as a devoted consumer. I need bread and everything else the normal humans consume.

But, I don’t have to be accepted by the ridiculous apes who wear clothes to make a statement. I wear for comfort. I wear my heart as a pride. I live as I yearn to live. 
What does it boil down to?
Life is to be savoured. Like a cream pie. Not run like a zillion mile long race.

The Booze train…

Time’s been flowing like a speedwagon, booze and fags help a lot. There’s little time for retrospection, that’s what I like to a point. To a point where, there’s no higher one can get. The following days are a wreck of a breakdown, steeping low and roaming the streets with none to accompany. This is what it has come to. In the past few days I must’ve acquainted atleast a fifty people, still I feel lonely as fuck. I missed most of the opportunity to patch up with her. Tried to dive ahead with dewy eyes. No, I’m an anologue clock with my seconds ‘mull’ broken away.

All the rejections I’ve faced some up to nothing, as I recollect the fewer no’s I enforced on some. My damn standards are high. Peers none to coach me through the dating game. I just feel like she could still be there for me, but is she? It doesn’t matter, the memory is fresh – of her innocent smile smurking the bejuses outta me.

Wanting to hold someone tight at this day and age isn’t so antisocial. I just lack the proper way to ease into someone’s heart. Or maybe due to the odd choices of jobs, I’m still longing for my companion. Where ever you are, be assured I’m looking for you. I even met you once somewhere or maybe not – I’d still say that I’ve seen you somewhere; coz you’ve been in my dreams for years now. Cheerios muchochos, never  back down.